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When they say its whats inside that counts you should listen?The decor and atmosphere was fantastic but the owner has a nasty mouth...its a black nail salon located in crofton, md and when I say ghetto I mean ghetto.

The entire time I was receiving my mani and pedi all she did was talk about her latest sexploits and various techniques and positions. The entire time I was sitting there I was thinking that this woman is as big as a house and then some...then she started to demonstrate.

I like to relax after work but I don't need the foolishness while i'm paying you.what type of country do we live in where trash like that can get money to open a business when there are plenty of homeless and uneducated children...God I hope the terrible wench didn't spawn

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All I can say is WOW!I came to this site to discuss a different business and saw this.

I have been a client of Cuticles since they opened and have never experienced the behavior you are describing. I do know that they are great in making people feel comfortable and so if the conversation did go that route it was probably because a customer initiated it. Also, if you were so upset, you probably should have contacted the salon and discussed your problem.

As much anger as you have demonstrated in your review, whether you were disappointed or not, I am quite relieved that you have decided not to continue to patronize Cuticles.

This leaves more room for my friends and me.

Love You Cuticles.See you guys soon!


You should report her to the BBB for sure. That is unexceptable conduct!!!!!

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